halfAs can be seen by my mug, I was split down the middle on this one. On one hand, you have a great underlying story that shows the importance of questioning standards and practices we do not fully understand. On the other hand, you have a poorly conceived movie, with all the wrong symptoms… bad acting, laughable dialogue, cheesy effects, and a mood that just doesn’t fit.

     The basic message of this movie is to question social-norms and fight for what you believe in. If there is a universal message we should all believe, this is it. The people trapped within this future society blindly follow a faceless governance and question very little. People are killed to prevent overpopulation, while being told they will be “renewed” with a new life. The vast majority follows this system, and those that don’t are quickly killed. The moments that show the enduring human spirit are few, but powerful. Also, in a similar fashion as Soylent Green, the old and wise man saves the film with his displays of love and compassion and with his knowledge of how life used to be. The message of rebellion and freedom is what saves this movie from a bleak eternity, but there many things too dreadful to overlook.

     From laughing aluminum foil robots, to a pretentious and stuffy Michael York…Logan’s Run is far from perfect. I find it rather easy to look past dated effects in movies, but not bad effects. The robot “Box” was a prime example of a bad effect, it was cheap, quite immobile, unnecessary, and a little too reflective (boom mics, ladders, and stage hands can all be seen on his mirrored surface). Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Michael York will not be getting my best actor award for this film fest. His level of over-acting is unequalled, and his mind-numbing dialogue is nauseating at best, “Sad or not, you’re beautiful…let’s have sex”. Bad dialogue of this caliber can be found throughout the film and is too ghastly to be ignored. Much of this film comes off like a cheap Disney adventure… tip-toeing enemies, evil doctors, lost feral-children, and an “epic” battle between old friends.

     Upon initial viewing, I would have likely given Logan’s Run an empty mug, but after going over the story beneath the faults, I chose to be a little forgiving. If you can look past some of the glaring imperfections, there is in fact a powerful and heartfelt message within Logan’s Run.