diggers Diggers did not dig deep enough.  I was truly excited to see this film because I have been on a Paul Rudd kick as of late.  He has a great filmography minus ‘The Object of My Affection.’  Lately, he has been seen in comedies such as, ‘Role Models’, ‘I Love You Man’, and here, in this 2006 film that I didn’t know about, is a chance to see him in a different genre and see how good he can be.  Rudd, as Hunt, is not bad in this movie and I get the Paul Rudd performance that I was looking for, but the script limits his ability to demonstrate who his character is.  Yeah he is dealing with the death of father, what he values, and how to break away from this small town but as I have written it here is all you get.  The relationship he develops with Zoey is trite and  I really wanted him to discover his talent as a photographer on his own and then realize photgraphy as his avenue for escape.  But instead she discovers it for him in their dead end relationship that was not interesting to watch.  I think there were too many characters and stories in this film about four working-class friends growing up in Long Island, New York, as clam diggers.

I really wanted to follow Ken Marino’s character, Lozo, and his family.  Number one, he stole the show with his comedic interludes that all can laugh at but especially fathers.  And yes I have sat on the pot while my son sat next to me and then asked my wife to look.  Those moments alone make the film worth watching but they also make the film disjointed because they cut into the somber mood of the film and made me ask what kind of movie is this?  Number two, I thought Lozo’s storyline was more interesting than Rudd’s whose story I have seen before.  Lozo is a young at heart husband and father of too many kids, working a job that is disappearing to a corporate clamming company trying to balance family, survival and independence while being swallowed up by it all.  We only get glimpses of his torment and are bogged down by Maura Tierney and Ron Eldard’s disinteresting relationship and random scenes of potsmoking by Josh Hamilton’s, Cons.  Again I only say this because they are underdeveloped.  Watch this movie for Ken Marino and when you are desperate for Paul Rudd.  I am drinking a quarter cup of coffee.