full5Let me start off by saying that I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this movie and there was debate on its inclusion in this marathon.  My problem was that I have watched the same two scenes, the beginning and end, on tv over and over.  Going in to this viewing I thought I was I going to be stuck in those two scenes for two hours like a bad sci-fi movie.  Ridiculous.  Now after watching Dark City in its entirety, I can now say what so many already know, this is a great movie.  Released in 1998, the story and its traditionally created special effects hold up extremely well.  The Matrix, released the next year, utilizes newer special effects techniques and essentially tells the same story.  Guy begins to see the world for what it really is, develops special skills that enable him to take down the ruling bad guys.  I like the Matrix but Dark City was first.  What I found to be really cool was how you are thrust into the story and are trying to figure things out from the start just like John Murdoch.  Apparently, there was debate between the director and the studio on whether to use Kiefer’s narration at the beginning.  The director didn’t want it because it gave too many details away but the studio won.  Upon further review the director was right, by the end of the movie all questions are answered and you are satisfied by the outcome and the narration was not necessary.

I was going to give extra props to Alex Proyas, the director and writer, for this film and I do, but just found out he directed Knowing, releasing this year.  The popular David S. Goyer also co-wrote the screenplay, and he gets extra points here since he did give us The Dark Knight and the first Blade but then gets knocked back for winners Jumper, Blade: Trinity, and the made for tv Nick Fury movie starring Hasselhoff.  Ahhh but who cares?  Dark City is great.  I am purposefully keeping this review short hoping you will watch it, re-watch it and then email us your thoughts.