As mentioned, this was the “dark-sheep” of the film-fest.  A lesser-known film, with a smaller following and without a star-studded cast.  So I too was reluctant and doubtful of how it would stand up to the rest.  Little did I know, a movie called “Dark City” would outshine many of the others in this series.

            We  awake just as confused as our hero John… We are lost, inquisitive, and distrusting. We have just as many questions as he does…”Why am I here?” “What have I done”, “Who am I?”  When a movie does this, it takes its chances by confusing its audience, and taking its time to answer our questions.

             This film has made sure to avoid all the trappings that so often ruin movies in the genre… it doesn’t rely on cheesy effects, it keeps its focus on the story, it answers most all of the questions we have, and it keeps the message universal and relevant. This story reminds us that we as individuals have our own rights and personalities even though some may try to deny us this freedom.  If we find ourselves, and fight for what we believe… we can triumph over any and all oppression.

            I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem…and I am sure many others will be as well.  Everything from the acting, to the effects, to the overall message have stood the test of time.  Be sure to check this one out…”Dark City” is not to be missed.