halfOur sun is dying.  The world is cold.  There are no more movie reviews…  Alright, alright that is my attempt at an opening narration that sets up this review for Sunshine.  I shouldn’t poke fun because the narration does work here because they don’t repeat it through dialogue in the film unlike Dark City.  The plot is original with the sun dying and a ship carrying a huge bomb will be dropped into the sun to reignite it.  That’s a great start but my main problem with the film is what happens in Sunshine has been done before.  I have seen people go crazy in space.  I have seen the ship’s computer work against crew.  I have seen the crew deviate from the mission and brings them to their demise.  I really thought Boyle and company had a chance to do something different in the sci fi genre.  The first part of the movie is great and then they come to a point where the crew discovers Icarus 1, the first ship.  They now have a choice.  Investigate the ship or continue on with their mission.  One of the characters even says we should stay on course.  And here is the missed opportunity.  If they stay on course and all die because man is not supposed to mess with the sun then I buy that.  But they always investigate the ship!  The movie is now predictable.  Their Ship malfunctions, characters, who we don’t really get to know, die off one by one, and the hero is able to overcome all odds to deliver the payload on time saving Earth.

I am giving this movie a half cup because it produced, shot and edited wonderfully and it is entertaining to watch but it is not a full cup because Boyle did not make this movie his own but rather a homage to sci fi.