I must admit, hearing Cillian Murphy say, “Eight astronauts strapped to the back of a bomb. My bomb. Welcome to the Icarus Two” had me hooked immediately, and I was eagerly anticipating whatever came next.  For once, this film used the narrative intro correctly… telling us what we needed to know, without wasting any of our time or the movie’s time. Unfortunately, as Rik said, this film just fell into the same old Sci-Fi trappings.

  I enjoyed the rational arguments at the beginning of this film, and I too hoped this film would stand on its own and go against a tired storyline but it quickly became a movie we’ve seen time and time again.  The crew strayed from the mission, mechanical failures ensued, a mysterious figure began killing the crew one by one… and so on, and so on.  If Boyle had made a creative decision to make this film go against all others, perhaps it would have gone from good to great.

         There were some positives to this film of course. The effects and cinematography did a fantastic job of showing the vast beauty of space.   The feeling of claustrophobia we feel on the ship, and in the suits really helps to pull the viewer into the dangers of this mission.  As one might gather from the title, the sun plays its own part as a character in the story… the crew has an obsession, bordering on fetishism with the sun, and its beauty adds to their desire to reach it. 

         As Rik has said, this movie is worth seeing for some its fantastic production qualities…but it simply does not stand up to the other films of our sci-fi fest.