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Can you believe it! I had never seen these movies all the way through.  My years of listening to my father quote lines never pushed me to watch these films in their entirety.  Now, I have spent a week with the family and they pulled me in! What an epic tragedy… on two levels.  First, the story of the family and second, the making of the third movie.  The third part was not as bad as I was lead to believe, just unnecessary and a bit redundant after the second movie shows so well in Michael’s face where this family is headed that we don’t need to see it.

I am really in awe, that such a large complex story with such complicated characters could be told in 3 hours per film.  These were a fast 3 hours for me I was so in tune with what was going, ask my wife, co-workers, and unemployment officer.  So many names thrown around, quickly coming and going, and dying and yet I never felt like anyone was underdeveloped.  I credit the actors for this.  So much is told through facial expressions that dialogue is not needed to explain what characters are thinking and feeling.  And more importantly Coppola nd Puzo don’t insult your intelligence by filling in the blanks.  Like everyone else, more Sonny would have been nice. 1031423940l And why can’t Pacino act like this anymore.  Man he was good before he started OOOOAAAing all over the place.  Michael Corleone is smart with style, class and sophistication.  Unfortunately for him the family business was never those things and he could never will it to be.  He was doomed from the start and would never fulfill his own individual dreams.

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And the music sums up everything else I have to say.  Enjoy.