empty Normally we let the previous review sit for a while before posting the next, but I really want to get this over with and move on.  To go from “Tell No One” to this piece of shit is really a disappointing end to the Movies Holding Us Captive-thon.  Watch “Tell No One” again.  “Tell No One” is a smartly written story with a lot of characters and intricate pieces that add up in the end and doesn’t waste screen time.  “Taken” is a poorly written story with too many characters, intricacy, nothing adds up and is a complete waste of time.  We learn that Liam’s character is a divorced badass spy guy with spy friends in the first 15 minutes while learning his daughter wants to be a pop star.  Who gives a shit about his daughter’s career aspirations and his friends whose only purpose is to tell us he is a badass spy guy.  This movie is supposed to be about his teenage daughter going to Paris and being kidnapped.  This movie is more complicated, saying it’s complicated is being polite, than it needs to be.  The intelligent version of this film would have had the viewer discover Liam’s past and skills as he ruthlessly uncovered the whereabouts of his daughter.  The relationship with his daughter and ex are irrelevant.  A simplified, efficient approach to this movie is missing.  If you absolutely have to watch this movie, save some time and watch the trailer posted below.  Now I am grumpy.  Let’s move on.