brick_ver7_xlgIf I had not just viewed “Tell No One” I would say that “Brick” is the best movie I have seen recently.  But I think I will call a tie for that honor.  Both movies are very similar in terms of a protagonist searching for a lost love in a ruthless world where nothing and no one is as it seems.  Once again you are placed in the main character’s shoes and go on a journey for truth.  Brick is extra special in that director Rian Johnson transposes the 1930’s gumshoe and the film noir genre onto a modern day high school.  These characters embody the attitudes and dialogue of that time period and genre of film and never wink at the camera.  The beauty is that it always feels natural, and is never over the top.

The story of Brendan tracing Emily’s, his missing girlfriend, movements through a high school drug ring is never clear as it unravels but does provide plush dialogue, actions and incidents.  This movie sucked me in.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect in this role and I look forward to seeing him in “500 Days of Summer.”  Some might find the lingo to be a burden to a an already elaborate story but for me it was in line with the presentation and it served a purpose.  There was terminology that Brendan was not familiar with that he had to learn in order to put the pieces together.  If I think about it this is probably how parents hear the way their kids talk.  A bunch of fast paced slang that seems ridiculous on the surface but can be deep.

Rian Johnson made this movie with no budget and edited it on his desktop.  Which is really not that unusual anymore.  He demonstrates that smart direction and determination can go a long way.  “Brick” works and I recommend seeing it immediately.

I am posting the trailer but I recommend watching it after the movie.  It is a good trailer and it helped me fill in some blanks.