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Alan J. Pakula.  Alan J. Pakula.  Alan J. Pakula.  I should stop here.  The Parallax View is the second movie in Pakula’s political paranoia trilogy, with Klute and my all time favorite All the Presiden’ts MenThe Parallax View is a straight-forward movie about a reporter, Warren Beatty, who gets in way over his head while investigating the assassination of a Senator and the mysterious deaths that follow.  His investigation leads him to the Parallax Corporation who is in the business of identifying potential assassins and hiring them out to clients.  Their motivations seem to be monetary and not political.  Trust no one and suspect everyone.

What I found to be refreshing is that the good guys don’t always win.  Political/conspiracy thrillers today, like The Interpreter, Vantage Point or The International, don’t do that any more.  Michael Clayton might be the best recent example and although the good guy wins the bad guys aren’t blown away after a brawl on top of the U.N.  The one fault with the Parallax View is that it is too straight forward and doesn’t argue or delve into conspiracy theories but this is hardly a criticism.  Pakula chooses not to dwell but to entertain.  Lone gunmen are hardly alone but to have it pinned on one keeps things tidy.


What is this?  A vampire movie that doesn’t get bogged down with the rules of being a vampire or goes for cheap scares and minimally uses special effects to enhance the story.  What?  A movie that actually has a compelling story.  I like special effects.  I would like to see that blue man 3D movie, just to say I saw it.  But if all it has to offer is a new, cool way to do special effects and doesn’t offer an interesting story then I am bored.  I should not have to go to Sweden to see a good movie.

I think I am going to carve “Oskar & Eli forever” into the tree in my backyard.

changeling-movie-official-poster.0.0.0x0.400x594.jpeg A tie in to our current movie marathon holding us captive and that is about it.  Is the story engaging? Sure.  Is it produced well?  Sure.  But beyond that nothing new is brought to this genre.  I guess the trailer did its job.  I wanted to know what happens to her son and who the boy is that replaces her son.  We have all the answers by the middle of movie and the second half is her vindication.  Corrupt cops, a stint in a psych hospital, a paladin in the form of a poorly used Malkovich, blah, blah, blah.  I should have included this movie in my ‘What’s the Point’ unfiltered comments.