captain-ronWhen Evan and I rap about the ins and outs of a film, over a cup and saucer, we usually end our discussion on the message of the film.  I think we concur, the movies we like most tend to have a great message and are not just pure entertainment.  But does a movie have to have a great message?  The answer…  yes and no.  Personally, the movie just has to add up.  I enjoy ‘Role Models’ because the comedy is not forced, the ending is satisfying, and I don’t expect to learn anything about being a role model and, thankfully, they never go there.  ‘Sunshine’, the final film of the Sci-fi fest, on the other hand came up short for me because it did not deliver  a message that I wanted.  I thought Boyle was going to say that man is not God and should not play with re-igniting the Sun therefore they simply and physically can not complete their mission.  I wanted to see an original idea but instead the crew is murdered one by one by a maniac and as stated in our reviews, yawn, we have seen this before and now there is no point to the movie besides entertainment.  But the film does not add up.  It strays from the tone set early on and gives an easy out and although it is stunning visually I ultimately feel I wasted my time.  On the other hand a movie like ‘IF…’ has a great message about rebelling against conformity, but was not the most entertaining to watch.  There are moments but mainly a lot of confusion.  It probably played well in 1960’s Britain.  Evan and I are mixed on this movie.  The more we talk about ‘IF…’  and the statement being made I like it and the more he despises it.  Perhaps rightfully so, as the film shows a lot of random shit that most say is daring film making but I say confuses the message.  Watch it.  Ulitmately, I desire a balance of message and entertainment for most movies because it gives them a greater purpose than just a movie.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on what a movie should be?  Leave comments.